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Thank you for considering a donation to Legends Sports Complex! At the heart of Legends Sports Complex lies the power to transform—both yourself and the world around you. At Legends, we believe that a community focused on healthy living, youth development and social responsibility is better equipped to exercise its true potential and have a greater, more positive impact on society.  
All Legends Association for Sports Program teams are required to place all funds received into the association’s account.  Dispersing of funds is done by the association’s officers to ensure that these funds are used for your stated intent.  At no time is a team or coach permitted to have any funds placed in an account other than the one established by and maintained by the association. Support such as yours ensures the continued success of these programs for our area’s youth, and without people and businesses like you, programs like this could not exist. Once again, on behalf of the youth participants, thank you.

Your support makes it possible for Legends to make our programs accessible to all—regardless of their ability to pay. The impact of your gift is felt when:
• A child is able to participate in youth programs (basketball, flag football, volleyball, soccer and baseball)
• A dad helps his family by participating in a new nutrition and healthy eating program
• A family is included regardless of their ability to pay



(Federal tax I.D # 22-3955289). Under this designation, funds placed in the organization account on your

behalf become tax deductible under the limits set forth under I.R.S. guidelines. Please check with your tax preparation specialist for proper accounting of your donation or gift.

Should you have any specific questions about your donation please contact us at 281.298.5700.  


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