Rules at Legends Sports Complex

Membership Regulations

These policies are established by the Legends Sports Complex to protect the club facilities and to promote the health, safety, welfare and enjoyment of the members, their families and guests and all other persons using the club facilities.  The Complex is committed to providing all members with an enjoyable club experience.  To uphold these expectations, members and guests are encouraged to act in a manner consistent with good taste.  The club may amend these policies from time to time.

General Club Policies

Members, families and their guests shall abide by all policies of the facility as they may be amended from time to time.

The facility shall be open on the days and during the hours as established by the complex.  Areas of the facility may also be closed for scheduled maintenance and repairs. The complex reserves the right to close the facility to hold promotional events and tournaments.

Performance by entertainers will be permitted at the facility only with the permission of the complex.

Dining room activities for groups will be permitted only with the permission of the complex.

Alcoholic beverages will not be served or sold, nor be permitted or consumed, at the complex in any manner prohibited by law.  Legends reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse service to a member or guest when that member or guest appears to be intoxicated. 

All food or beverages consumed at the facility must be furnished by Legends unless otherwise permitted. 

Commercial advertisements shall not be posted or circulated in the facility nor shall solicitations of any kind be made at the complex.  Other than as permitted in writing by the complex, no petition shall be originated, solicited, circulated or posted on club property.

Members should not request special personal services from employees of the complex who are on duty or the personal use of the facility’s furnishings or equipment which are not ordinarily available for use by members.

Dogs or other pets (with the exception of a Seeing Eye dog) are not permitted at the facility except with the permission of the complex.  Where dogs are permitted on the grounds, they must be on a leash at all times.  Members are responsible for damage caused by an animal owned by the member or under the member’s control.

All complaints, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any of the operations of the facility or its employees must be in writing, signed and addressed to the General Manager.

Guests may not use the member’s account for goods or services at the facility; however, guest merchandise purchases may be made at the control desk with cash, check or credit card. 

Members and their guests may not abuse any Legends employees, verbally or otherwise.  All service employees of the complex are under the supervision of the complex manager and no member or guest shall reprimand or discipline any employee nor shall a member request an employee to leave the facility for any reason.  Any employee not rendering courteous and prompt service should be reported to the management of the complex immediately.

Self Parking is permitted in areas identified as such.  No parking will be allowed on grassed areas. No parking signs must be observed.  Violators may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Absolutely no fireworks are permitted anywhere on property or adjacent areas unless part of a fireworks exhibit organized and conducted by Legends.

Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are not permitted on the property at any time.

Use of the facility may be restricted or reserved from time to time by the complex.

Violation of any of these rules and regulations in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the complex will subject the person in violation to disciplinary action which could include termination of membership by the complex in accordance with the policies. 

The personnel of the complex will have full authority to enforce these policies and any infractions will be reported to the management of the facility.

In no event shall the facility or its members discriminate against any individual because of the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or marital status.

Membership Cards

Legends issues a membership card to the member and other members of his or her family who are eligible for membership privileges.  Membership cards may include the member’s name, account number and category of membership.  Membership cards will only be issued upon payment of dues by the member. 

A membership card may not be used by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued.

In the event of a lost or stolen membership card, the complex must be notified immediately.  The card will be cancelled and a new card will be issued.  Until notification of card loss or theft is received in writing by the complex, the member shall be responsible for all charges placed on the account.  A card replacement fee as determined by Legends shall be charged for lost or stolen membership cards.

Membership Dues and Charges

Members’ dues will be billed on a monthly basis unless otherwise determined by the complex.

A member is entitled to member charge privileges at the facility so long as his or her membership is in good standing. 

Members will have all dues, fees and other charges billed to the member’s club account, as provided for in the Membership Agreement. Such charges will be billed on a monthly basis and members can request a written statement of their charges online or from the accountant.

All food, beverage, merchandise and services of the complex charged to the member’s club account will be billed monthly and due with membership dues through the EFT. 

Accounts shall be deemed delinquent from the date first billed if payment is not received within 30 days after the date of the monthly statement.  Past due amounts will accrue late fees until paid in full. 

If a member fails to pay any account within 30 days of when it is first billed, Legends shall have the right to suspend membership privileges in the complex at any time until the delinquent account is paid in full.  Delinquency for a period of 90 days from the date the account is first billed or repeated incidents of delinquency by a member may result in termination of membership at Legends.

When a membership is issued in the name of more than one person, each person shall be jointly and severally liable for all dues, fees and other charges and liabilities associated with the membership. 

If the account of any member is delinquent, the complex may at its option take whatever action it deems necessary to effect collection.  If Legends commences any legal action to collect any amount owed by any member or to enforce any other liability of any member to the complex, and if judgment is obtained by the complex, the member shall also be liable for all costs and expenses of such legal action and reasonable attorney’s fees, including any fees required in connection with appellate proceedings. 

A member is required to submit a written cancellation notice 30 days prior to the end of the term.  If cancellation is not submitted the membership will automatically renew. Members are responsible for cancelling the membership in a timely manner.  We will not cancel it for you.  If a member chooses to cancel their membership before the end of the agreement, they are still responsible for paying a cancellation fee and all past charges accrued on the account.
However, there are some exceptions that will allow you to terminate your membership before the end of term or freeze the membership.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Medical conditions such as illness or pregnancy
  • Hardships (financial or family)
  • Job transfer or moving out of the area.  (You must be moving no less than 25 miles out of the area)

A freeze is not to exceed 3 months.  The membership will automatically begin at the end of the 3 month period with the exception of those who request otherwise due to serious medical reasons.
You acknowledge that using the facilities at Legends Sports Complex involves the risk of injury to you (each member) and to your guests, weather you or someone else causes it.  Specific risks vary from one activity to another and the risks range from minor injuries to major injuries, including death.  In consideration of your participation in activities of offered by the Club, you understand and voluntarily accept this risk of injury and agree that the Club, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents and independent contractors will not be liable for any injury, including, without limitation, personal, bodily, or mental injury, and any loss or theft of any personal property, any economic loss or any damage to you, your spouse, your minor children and any unborn child, your guests or relatives resulting from the active or passive negligence of the Club or anyone on the Club’s behalf or anyone using the Club’s facilities whether related to exercise or not.  Your assumption of risk includes, without limitation, your use of any exercise equipment (mechanical or otherwise), the locker room, sidewalk, parking lot, stairs, turf field, basketball courts, lobby area, batting cages, pitching lanes, golf area, or any equipment in the Club facility.  This waiver and release of liability includes, without limitation, injuries which may occur as a result of (a) your use of any exercise equipment of facilities which may malfunction or break, (b) the Club’s improper maintenance of any exercise equipment or facilities, (c) the Club’s negligent instruction or supervision, including personal training, (d) the Club’s inadequate security or staffing; and (e) you slipping and falling while on the facility or any portion of the premises for any reason, including the Club’s negligent inspection or maintenance of its facility.  By execution of this agreement, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold the harmless to the Club and our affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns form any loss, liability, damage, r cost you may incur due to your presence at the Club.  Your further expressly agree that the foregoing release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the law in the State of Texas  and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.  YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY, AND EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.  YOU ARE AWARE AND AGREE THAT BY EXECUTING THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE, YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR RIGHT TO BRING A LEGAL ACTION OR ASSERT A CLAIM AGAINST CLUB FOR ITS NEGLIGENCE, OR FOR ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCT ON ITS PREMISES.  YOU HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNED THE WAIVER AND RELEASE; AND FURTHER AGREE THAT NO ORAL REPRESENATIONS, STATEMENTS, OR INDUCEMENT APART FROM THE FOREGOING WRITTEN AGREEMENT HAVE BEEN MADE.
I have read and agree to be bound by the terms of this Membership Agreement, including the Membership Terms and Conditions on the reverse side hereof, and I acknowledge that a complete comp of this Membership Agreement was provided to Member when the Membership Agreement was signed.  I further acknowledge receipt of and agree to be bound by the Club’s Rules and Regulations.

Mailing Addresses

Each member shall be responsible for filing with the Membership Office, in writing, his or her mailing address and any changes thereto, where the member wishes all notices and invoices of the club sent.  In the absence of an address on file at the Membership Office, any club mailings may, with the same effect described above, be addressed as the complex manager may think is most likely to cause prompt delivery. 

The complex must be notified in writing of any change of address.  Failure to do so shall constitute a waiver of the right to receive club notices, bulletins, and any other communications, and a violation of these rules and regulations.

Membership Correspondence

Complaints or suggestions concerning the management, service or operation of the complex should be in writing, signed by the member and addressed to the General Manager.  Errors in billing charges should be directed to the attention of Accounting.

Complex Services and Activities

Legends provides a variety of recreational events in which all members are encouraged to participate.

Legends encourages the use of club facilities by members for private functions on any day or evening, provided it does not interfere with the normal operation of the facility or with services regularly available to members. Members are requested to make reservations with the control desk and/or programming director for available dates and arrangements.

Private functions are permitted at the complex only with prior permission of the complex.  The individual sponsoring the function shall assume full responsibility for the conduct of guests and removal of any décor.  The sponsor of the function shall be responsible for any damage the facility and for the payment of any charges not paid by the individuals attending the private function.

Special events and functions may be scheduled from time to time at the discretion of the complex.


Members are responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of their family members and guests.  Any member whose conduct or whose family’s or guest’s conduct shall be deemed by the complex to be likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of the club or its members or otherwise improper, may be reprimanded, fined, suspended or expelled from the complex and have all privileges associated with the membership suspended or terminated.  Legends shall be the sole judge of what constitutes improper conduct, but improper conduct will include, without limitation: failure to meet eligibility for membership, submitting false information on the application for membership, allowing his or her membership card to be used by another person, failing to pay any amount owed the complex in a proper and timely manner, failing to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein and as established by Legends from time to time, abusing facility personnel or employees, or acting in a manner incompatible with the standard of conduct of the existing membership or which would likely injure the reputation of the members of the facility.

Legends may restrict or suspend some or all of a member’s family members and/or guest’s club privileges.  No member may on account of any restriction or suspension be entitled to any refund of any membership deposit, dues or any other fees.  During the restriction or suspension, dues and other charges shall continue to accrue and shall be paid in full prior to reinstatement as a member in good standing. 

Reservations and Cancellations

Reservations are required for most activities and events of the complex and shall be accepted on a first come, first served basis by pre-registering with the appropriate personnel of the complex along with a deposit or payment. 

Cancellations are required (24) hours in advance of the lessons with an instructor.  Failure to notify the complex of a cancellation may result in the member’s account being charged the required fees for such function. 
Cancellations for team practices require 10 days notice in order for the programming director to fill the space.  If you do cancel, the programming director will try to fill the space with the waiting list.  If the space cannot be filled you will be responsible for payment of the space rented.


Childcare is provided for families at the facility.  Family memberships are given complimentary service with their membership for no more than 2 hours at a time per day.  All other memberships are required to pay a fee per child. Any additional time in the childcare center will be billed to your member account accordingly.

Members are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children when at the facility.

Parents must remain at the facility at all times when child is in the Kids Club.

Parents are responsible for changing diapers and changing child’s garments in the event of an accident or spill. 

The Kids Club operates from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, on Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Children are not allowed in the childcare room after hours. 

The hours of operation are subject to change at any time depending upon member demand.

Proper Use of Programming Areas

Members and guests acknowledge that you are physically able to engage in any activity, program or training provided and agree that all exercises and use of this facility are undertaken at your sole risk. You also agree to accept full responsibility for all personal belongings.

Proper clothing and hygiene
  • Appropriate athletic shoes only. No street shoes, boots or sandals are allowed in the workout areas.
  • Shorts, sweat pants, tee shirts, tank tops and spandex accessories may be worn if deemed appropriate by the club management.
  • Clean workout clothing is required. The management will address unsatisfactory hygiene conditions and corrective action may be required.
  • All other clothing and shoes must be kept in lockers. Please keep all valuables at home. Again, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Please avoid the use of heavy perfume or cologne.
  • No belt buckles, blue jeans or loose jewelry may be worn in the workout area.
  • Tennis shoes or rubber soled (no black soles) shoes must be worn when in the basketball gym.
  • There will be no hanging on the rims or nets of basketball goals.
  • Only basketballs, futsal balls and volleyballs are permitted in gym.
  • No food or gum is permitted in gym. Only water bottles with lids.
  • Balls must be checked out at control desk and photo ID is required.
  • Small children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No metal cleats will be permitted inside the complex, only rubber or tennis shoes on turf field.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times in batting cages.
  • Only one person allowed at a time in batting cages.
  • Drinks in batting cage area must remain outside of the cages.
Equipment and cardiovascular areas
  • Please be courteous at all times.
  • Allow others to work in during your rest periods.
  • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.
  • Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.
  • Report any equipment problem immediately to the staff.
  • Use your workout towel or gym wipe to wipe off equipment and benches after each use.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the use of any equipment, please ask a staff member for assistance.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in any of the weight or cardiovascular areas unless accompanied by parent.
Locker Room
  • Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in locker rooms.
  • If necessary parents may bring their child into locker rooms but must only be to change or use restroom.  No child is to be left unattended. 
  • Lockers are available for use during workout.  We also offer lockers for rent. 
  • Towels are provided and we ask that they are returned to hamper when finished.
  • Please leave valuables at home.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Cell Phone use is not permitted in locker room areas.  
Legends Sports Complex Guest Policy
  • Access is granted to complex by valid membership, valid guest pass or by paying a guest fee. Guest Fees are $15 per visit.
  • All guests must fill out a guest card prior to their entrance to the facility every time they enter the facility.
  • If they agree to a tour, their guest fee will be waived for the day.
  • All guests wishing to workout, either with a member or without, or with a guest pass or without must provide a valid form of identification.  Out of town guests must pay a guest fee. Guest passes are not valid for anyone living outside the local area.
  • Special financial arrangements can be made for a visiting guest with a membership coordinator.
  • Members may bring the same guest once in a 30-day period no more than three times in one year. Members may bring a different guest as many times as they like (with a guest pass, excluding out of town guests who must pay a guest fee).
  • Any guest who does not wish to abide by the above will not be granted access to the club.
  • Any guest wishing to work out and not having a guest pass may do so only if they produce valid ID and pay guest fee. Should they decide to join that day; the guest fee amount will be applied to any membership fee.
  • ANY GUEST may only visit once in a 30-day period no more than three times a year.
Turf Field
  • You must be a member or have a reservation to enter the turf field
  • NO EQUIPMENT BAGS / please leave in hallway against the walls
  • NO METAL SPIKES / must wear shoes at all times
  • NO SPITTING / no sunflower seeds
  • No climbing or hanging on walls or nets
  • Legends sports complex is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property
Charlie Bertero Field
  • You must be a member or have a reservation to enter the Charlie Bertero field
  • NO PETS /  ANIMALS on property
  • Legends sports complex is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.
Auto Batting Cage
  • You must be a member or have a reservation to enter the automated batting cage area
  • You must wear a helmet to enter the cage
  • Do not pass the yellow line on the floor
  • No swinging outside the cage area
  • One round per person when others are waiting
  • NO SPITTING /no sunflower seeds
  • No climbing or hanging on fence
  • Legends sports complex is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property
Child Care
  • Family memberships are given complimentary service with their membership for no more than 2 hours at a time per day. All other memberships are required to pay a fee per child.
  • The kids club operates from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Your member account will be billed accordingly for any additional time.
  • Parents must remain at the facility at all times when child is in the kids club.
  • Parents are responsible for changing diapers and changing child’s garments in the event of an accident or spill.
  • Members are responsible  for the conduct and safety of their children when at the facility.
  • no food or drinks except water.
  • parents must sign in and out their child from the kids club.
Front Foyer
  • NO BOUNCING OR THROWING of any type of balls in the entry foyer or hallways of the club.
  • EVERYONE entering the building must sign in and register at the front control desk.
  • MEMBERS may use programming areas during open play hours posted at the control desk.
  • Please leave a picture ID with desk attendant when checking out equipment.